How Effective Are Tinnitus Masking Treatments

A tinnitus remedy that has shown positive results is tinnitus masking treatment. This therapy is not a permanent cure for the condition but, as the name suggests, masks the irritating ringing sounds which accompany this affliction to make it seem softer and therefore more bearable for the patient.

The masking apparatus itself could be mistaken in appearance for a hearing aid. The noise emanating from the masking device is a relaxing or soothing sound which over shadows the ringing noise associated with tinnitus because its volume is a little louder allowing the sufferer to disregard the irritating reverberation.

This produces a learned effect whereby the listener is able to discount the ringing noise because either the masking sound is so loud that they have no choice or because it is at a monotone level which is somewhat boring and regular. Once the patient learns to discount the masking noise they are then capable of ignoring the tinnitus racket.

Other types of masking agents employed by practitioners include bedtime maskers which help people sleep by using the low hum of an un-tuned radio station to overcome the ringing sound and help the patient go to sleep.

Unfortunately, these masking techniques do not produce the desired results for all patients and there is a test you can conduct to discover if this type of remedy would be of benefit for you. First of all you have to turn on the faucet to its maximum and let the water run.

If you no longer notice the tinnitus noise or if it’s lower than it sounded previously these masking tactics may work for you as well. On the other hand, if you still hear the ringing or buzzing sound while the water is running this may indicate there is some hearing loss involved and, therefore, the running water or the masking sound cannot be perceived.

The ear ringing associated with tinnitus is called tinnitus or ringing and it seems to affect everyone differently in terms of the noises they hear. In addition to what’s described as ear ringing some people say they hear a buzzing sound or a hissing or even a whistling in their ears.

Whichever ear ringing treatment or tinnitus remedy you find that works for you it’s best to remember that these therapies were designed to attack the cause of your condition and not the associated symptoms.

Unfortunately tinnitus masking treatment isn’t a complete cure and doesn’t work for all sufferers; however, it’s certainly worth a try if you haven’t yet given it a chance because any degree of relief is a small victory on the road to finding a cure for this debilitating affliction.

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